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    Okay, so I have searched to no avail...unless I don't know how to use the search function. I've also got no idea if this is the proper place for these questions. I will move it if necessary.
    So first, hi!

    Some friends and I are starting up a new Pokemon rom hack. This is, I should say, the first we've ever done. None of us know anything yet about using Pokescript, which is why I'm here, for the above tutorials.

    Here's my issue: We were hoping to use Generation 4, particularly Heart Gold and Soul silver, for a couple reasons. One, we definitely want to have the Physical/Special attack split that the fourth gen introduced. Two, IF we use HG/SS, we'd have access to a second 'world' to toy with, though that one isn't particularly important.

    Now, I've perused the tutorials, looked at some of the most popular/comprehensive, but it seems everything addresses the third generation of games. My question is this; is there a Pokescript tutorial for the fourth generation? And if not, is there a way to bring that Physical/Special split into the third? We aren't too concerned with visuals, so I'd be fine with either.

    On the note of using a 3rd gen game, actually, would we be able to expand the pre-programmed Pokedex to include all current gen Pokemon, from gen 4 and 5?

    Thanks for the help, sorry for all the questions. I look forward to a response!