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    I just started my journey in Pokemon Black. I have given the choice of 3 pokemon I can choose for my journey with my friends. I picked Oshowatt the water type. I battle both my friends,Cheren and Bianaca,destroying my room in the process. I beat both of them. We 3 walked to Accumala Town with Prof. Juniper and learned about my Poke Centers and Marts. She gave us pokeballs. As I was getting ready to leave,me and my friend Cheren seen a announcement from the known as Team Plasma who wanted everyone to realese their pokemon. After the meeting was dismissed I was confronted by a strange guy named N. I beat him with ease. After I left the down my mom met up with me and gave me some running shoes. I walked to Striaton City,I caught a Liliipup along the way. Before I entered the City,Bianace,challenged me to a battle and I won once more. After that I trained some in the Dream Lot where I battled 2 trainers and won and another girl gave me a Pansear. After I recieved Pansear I challenged Cheren to a battle and won. Now I am Prepareing myself to Challenge Cilan,one of the 3 leaders of the Striaton City Gym.