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Well, I wish I could do all of my claims, but I'm pretty limited as I'm still sort of a "new user". My post count will raise over time, and I'll be a member for three months rather soon. I would just like to do the part I can now,

Hetalia:Axis Powers
Finland × Sweden → TwiDragon
Natsuru Senou × Akane Mishima → TwiDragon
Mio Akiyama × Ritsu Tainaka → TwiDragon
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya × Mikuru Asahina → TwiDragon
Ouran High School Host Club
Haruhi Fujioka × Tamaki Suoh,→ TwiDragon
Strawberry Panic
Nagisa Aoi × Shizuma Hanazono → TwiDragon
Aya Shameimaru × Hatate Himekaidou → TwiDragon
Welcome to the NHK
Misaki Nakahara × Tatsuhiro Satou  → TwiDragon

Some of these are Yuri/Yaoi pairings. Some of these have a legit following in the show, and some kind of are just made by the fan base.
That should be 8/8, unless I counted wrong.

Thank you in advance, and hopefully no rule breaking was done!