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    While I do agree that there's no criteria for what's a pokemon or not, I think what he's trying to say is that some of the newer pokemon look like a copy-and-paste of older pokemon or from other cartoon shows, or are abnormally simplistic. While there were indeed pokemon in the older generations considered "bland" or "unoriginal" (Geodude is just a rock with arms and a face) it seems to be more noticeable this generation.

    Lilipip/Herdier/Stoutland just look like ordinary dogs. I know they're normal types, and I like them, but still...
    While Sawk and Throh are really cool with a really cool concept, I personally find it rather strange that they're naturally wearing full articles of clothing like gis. However, I would also find them strange without their gis...
    Ducklett, again, is just a duck, only blue with cartoony eyes.
    The Vanillite family, while cute and all, seems like it would be more comfortable in Fighting Foodons...

    As I said before, there's no criteria for what's a pokemon is supposed to be, and there are bland or lame-looking pokemon in every generation, but the Unova pokemon, despite having many amazing-looking pokemon I love, also has those pokemon that stick out like a sore thumb.
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