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Originally Posted by Natural Harmonia Gropius View Post
Cloyster's ice typing screws him over though. Being pure water, Gorebyss doesn't have to worry so much about priority attacks, and she has HP Grass to take out other waters.

She plays an entirely different role anyway. While Cloyster is best as a physical sweeper, Gorebyss is best as a special sweeper. Cloyster COULD be a special sweeper, but Gorebyss has better sp atk for it. Her only handicap is that she lacks a priority move, but she becomes fast enough where it's usually not a big deal.

I don't see that many Brelooms anymore, and even if I am faced with a Breloom, I just bring out Shuckle to counter. I switch in, set up rocks, and as soon as Breloom attacks he's Red Carded out. And I don't think Gorebyss needs a Focus Sash, because she can usually survive an attack or two unless it's an attack from an offensive monster like Conkeldurr or Guts Raticate/Swellow.

I run Shell Smash, Surf, Ice Beam, HP Grass on Gorebyss. It gives her decent enough coverage, while Ice Beam takes out dragons (as well as flying types and most grass types) and HP Grass takes out bulky waters. As for Ferrothorn, he isn't a problem, because I can lead with a fire type, like Houndoom, which has not only good sp atk and decent speed, but access to strong fire type moves and taunt, and he can resist Power Whip like a boss to boot.
K firstly i really hope you were joking about the Breloom being countered by Shuckle comment. You Red Card it out after being Spored and set up on and get swept later in the match because all that does is prolong your fate after Red Card has been used if you are use Shuckle to counter Breloom, its a really bad way to deal with it. Raticate and Swellow are irrelevant as they are NU/RU and are really not offensive monster at all tbh.

Next, Gorebyss as a sweeper is outclassed by Cloyster. Cloysters can use both its attacking stats allowing it a much easier time to sweep whilst Gorebyss has moveslot syndrome. Use HP Fire for Ferro ? Good luck with Gastrodon and other waters like Rotom-W and Jellicent, use HP Grass ? Nice Ferrothorn etc weakness. Cloyster can OHKO every single one of those with either Rock Blast or Icicle Spear. It can even nail physical walls with Hydro Pump whilst Gorebyss struggles with special walls greatly.

Cloyster also has a massive speed advantage, where Gorebyss would fail to such scarfers like Terrakion, Landorus and the like Cloyster simply outspeeds all of them and OHKO's.

Shell Smash sweeper Gorebyss is simply too easy to stop because of the reasons explained above hence why no one uses it and Cloyster is the only SSer in Ou. The main reason you should use it is SmashPassing with Dual Screen support but since Dooxys-S was banned its harder to pull off since D-S was THE ultimate utility mon. Espeon is a good dual screener but lacks SR and the speed and the same with D-D, minus the SR part.

Lastly just for the record Focus Sash mid/late game is still a horrible item choice. White Herb or even LO is far superior. Seems people forget that Stealth Rock/Spikes/SS infest the metagame making sash a wasted slot.
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