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Originally Posted by OMGWURMPLES! View Post
Okay, so I think I have a few problems:
First, where can I get a FireRed rom that actually has the offsets I need to use? I try to find the music table (is that what it's called?) according to a tutorial, but my hex editor can never find the offset... and when I manually go look for it, it's not there.
Also, I changed a few things in the title screen. Opens fine the first time in unLZ-GBA, but the second time I open it, all the things are screwed up, like, the pallete is weird, things aren't where they should be, etc. I've had to redo everything several times due to the roms just FREAKING out. I can never open it a second time and get it to be, well, NORMAL.
Is there any way to fix these two things?
First, you can't discuss where to get ROMs here so all I can say is search google for "FireRed English ROM" because most tutorials are about English ROM.

Next make sure you click "Write to ROM" when you are finished editing. Just to ensure that all your changes are saved and saved in the write place.

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