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    Hey guys, I'm trying to get into narrating using some of my old, converted battle logs from the PO server to start off with. I want to narrate only 5 of my old battles so I can catch up with current ones faster, but I had over 30 battles to choose from. I managed to round them down to 12 battles, but I can't seem to round it down further.

    This is where you guys come in. I want you guys to choose 5 of your favorite battles to vote on, considering you're bored enough to watch all 12 battles of course.

    Almost all of my battles are in the Wifi UU tier using teams made on a random list generator, as I suck at teambuilding and wanted to find a unique way to make teams. While I'm not the world's greatest battler, my battles should hopefully be at least considered entertaining.

    Without further ado, here's the list:


    After a while I will check the poll and the 5 most popular battles in said poll will attempt to be narrated, so I'll try to keep you up on that if interested. I hope you enjoy!

    EDIT: Sorry if you can't watch them, the site is down at the moment for probably maintenance.