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Originally Posted by TwiDragon View Post
Hmm, a discussion on choice? For me, I slowly got into my "gay" side through looking at fan art of crossdressed characters and traps. I then started to open up with more Yaoi, starting to be fine with Yoai, just as I am with Yuri.

I wouldn't know if this would be choice, or if it naturally flows. I mean I didn't choose to get "interested" with the content, but I did choose to continue on and go deeper within the Yaoi and other gay things.''

I really don't care if its choice or genetics. I'm fine with what I like! It does nothing wrong for being gay or bi to society except for make certain homophobes mad.
More or less the same story for me. One day I just googled something that I had never googled before... and yeah.

Believe it or not I think that's the first time anyone has actually said yaoi, yuri, or trap in this thread, lol. I've been avoiding it though, because I figured people would think it's too inappropriate. I'm not sure if that's true or not though. lol