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Ok, so for the past while, I've been considering releasing a broken prototype so people can see what I've done in terms of testing script editors, testing the music engine with custom sequences, and rearranged maps. What would people think of trying a broken 5-minute alpha that does almost nothing?

The reason I've been contemplating this is because production has completely stopped for a while because the only DS scripting program that exists won't save my changes. I haven't been able to pinpoint what's causing it or a fix, so I want to showcase what I do have, even though there isn't much to it. Perhaps someone can use it as a base to start their own RSE remake, and I'll continue it once I get a decent scripting program (that actually works! D:< ) and a way (whether it's primitive or fully fleshed-out) to edit maps.

It wad also my intention to have a demo out in August of 2011, but PPRE simply quit working, and everything has gone downhill. I do not plan to call it quits on this hack, as it will always be the first RSE hack to be named/announced for the DS.