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    I didn't think there were people here still playing on the server. :D

    Well uh... just so you all know, the server is down atm. I'm waiting for the server provider to upgrade us to the latest Bukkit build, to setup the multi-world stuff for the server restart. (Edit: It's back up.)

    When 1.2 is released there will be new worlds made to replace the current one, but you'll be able to go back and grab your stuff. The first two will be survival worlds... one will allow griefing, stealing etc., while the other will have protection against this stuff. Then there will be a creative building world, and another creative world for testing builds. I will setup a separate inventory for these four worlds, meaning you can't spawn diamond blocks in creative and bring them to survival. I'm also planning a fifth, adventure world on the server with dungeons and loot... you will be able to bring this loot back into the real world (hopefully).