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Originally Posted by Puffle754 View Post
I am rather new to the hacking world, and I have 2 very basic questions:

1: How do I make a patch for a game?
2: Whenever I play a save file of a pokemon game, I recieve a "The file has been currupted. The previous save file will be loaded" message. How to I fix this, and could this have any effect on gameplay (Such as game deleating after E4)?

1: Its usually the same for IPS, UPS, or APS. Just download either A-Ptch, UPS Patcher, or Lunar-IPS. Then you have to open one up, click "Create Patch," then select the original file you didn't modified (Blank FireRed, Ruby, ect.), then select the game you did modify and finally pick a place to save the patch at.

2: I'm not 100% but I could recommened going to Options>Emulator>Save Type>Flash 128K

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