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Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
Just a question related to this tutorial, because it doesn't explain how to make different sized OWs. In most cases, a 32x32 sprite (which is what was taught in the tutorial) works fine, but I need to make a couple 64x64 sprites for my Rom Hack. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Also, in reference to the saving question above. Whenever I save in my hack, it says "Save error, please exchange the backup memory". The memory is set at flash 128k, and it continues to happen. I also tried ShinyGold, and IT wouldn't let me save either, citing the same error. Is it the emulator that's the problem? I don't know of any other emulators with a RTC...

Edit: I'm using VBA
00 = Palette Number
11 02 11 = Sprite validation.
0200 = This is equal to the second 4 numbers in the Frame Data Pointer; this is the size of each frame
0010 = Width
0020 = Height
0110 and 0000 = oam data. Do not modify!
1@ 10373A08 = Points to @3.
2@ 9C373A08 = Void pointer\ unsure.
3@ 70343A08 = A pointer to @5 lol.
4@ A0003A08 = Sprite Pointer
5@ FC1C2308 = Pointer to pointers which point to code that loads the sprite through the ewram into the sprite block of the vram and its data into the oam.

This is the code for a OW given in the tutorial. Height and Width are given. 0010 by 0020 is the same as 16x32. So just do 0040 by 0040 for height and weight.

As for the save file I'm not sure right now but I know you could use the VBA Save Files instead of the in-game save files. I'll try to see what's the problem.

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