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Originally Posted by OMGWURMPLES! View Post
Yeah, it's for the intro sprites.
Is there really an easier method? It would be greatly appreciated if you would tell it to me :D
Yes there is and its much easier. If you use NSE Classic or NSE 2.X there are included bookmarks where you can edit the pallets and sprites from the intro along with many other random sprites (Surfing Pokemon sprite, Ghost Sprite, Old Man back sprite, ect.). So that should help.

Originally Posted by EdensElite View Post
What's DS equivalent of Advance Map?
As far as now I believe there is not. The only way I can think of is mapping with Hex which is very agonizing and time consuming. So you'll have to wait until someone develops one.

EDIT: This is what I'm guessing your looking for Eden so you might want to follow the project.

~coming soon~