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    Originally Posted by pokecole View Post
    Dang it, not having PO is holding me back...
    You should get it then The app itself isn't that large so it won't hinder your computer's performance. and If you have access to the internet, then I'm sure you could get it I'll link it below.

    Originally Posted by ShinyGyaradosisShiny View Post
    I would love to join, is there a level requirment?
    Level requirement? As in Pokemon levels? Well, the thing is, this concept is created to be played on Pokemon Online, which is an online battle Simulator, so all Pokemon are level 100 by default. and To participate, you must first join a clan and then volunteer to be one of their representatives once the time comes ;] I leave a link to PO below.

    Anyways, here's the link guys

    Also I was thinking, instead of having Quarter Quells, we could have DECImations. This means instead of having a special game every 25 games, we'd have one every 10. I think this would be much more functional from a battling standpoint

    I will get to updating the first post soon, with all the new ideas and systems.