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Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
[Conkeldurr] ★ [Jellicent♀]
[Eelektross] ★ [Jellicent♀]
[Gigalith] ★ [Jellicent♀]
[Jellicent] ★ [Jellicent♀]
[Volcarona] ★ [Jellicent♀]
[Whimsicott] ★ [Jellicent♀]

I did that right, right?
Yes expect generall people don't have them in brackets(contrary to to the OP were it has brackets.) I took them out so now it will be easier to copy/paste.

Conkeldurr ★ Jellicent♀
Eelektross ★ Jellicent♀
Gigalith ★ Jellicent♀
Jellicent ★ Jellicent♀
Volcarona ★ Jellicent♀
Whimsicott ★ Jellicent♀

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