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Running this successful challenge again! Everyone likes challenges, right? *proceeds to use previous version of thread for post*

How does it work?
Interested in taking part? All you have to do is sign up in this thread using the form posted below. Then, starting on February 1st (your time zone, whatever that may be), you can begin reviewing any story or poem posted here in FF&W. Just be sure to keep the section's rules in mind.

This means that your reviews need to be constructive. Don't just post "like ur story! it was good!" Point out specifics about the story you're reviewing, mentioning what you liked or didn't like. If your review can be posted to every story in this forum and make sense, it won't count for this challenge.

Use your post in this thread to keep track of your reviews. Just link to them so we can double-check everything.

Authors, if you would like a particular reviewer to read your story, check out their profile to find out how to contact them and ask them nicely. If we find out that you're pestering for reviews, it will be noted and no one will review your story for the challenge.

How Many Reviews?
You need to post 20 reviews between February 1st and February 29th in order to complete the challenge.

What do you get?
Aside from the satisfaction of bringing activity to FF&W and reviews to the authors here, you also get this emblem:

The Form
[b]Best Way to Contact:[/b]
[b]Review Style:[/b]


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