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    Name: Rafael Acosta

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Starter: Sewaddle Lvl:12

    Team: Pichu Lvl: 5,

    Species: Sewaddle

    Gender: Female

    Level: 12

    Attacks: String shot,Tackle, Bug bite, Energy ball, Toxic, Razor leaf

    Species: Pichu

    Level: 5

    Attacks: Thunder shock, Quick attack, Return, Volt tackle.

    Appearance: Rafael isabout 5 feet and four inches tall. His light blue eyes match the color of theocean exactly. The blonde hair he has on his head is almost the color of thesun. The blonde hair sometimes covers his eyes and reaches his shoulders. Theboy has a fairly light skin tone that is a little darker than a whiteboard.

    You can see Rafael usually wears a pair of light blue pantsto bring out the color of his eyes more. When it is really warm outside he willput on a pair of black shorts that reach down to his knees. Usually he wears agrey long sleeve shirt because he loves the color grey. When it is hot outthough he wears a white short sleeve shirt with the words, You Only Live Once, onit

    Personality: Rafaelis one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. He is the kind of boy that ifhe likes you he will find flowers just to give them to you. But he rarely everstarts liking anybody unless he knows them. He is also very nice and tries tomake a good impression on anybody he meets.

    But if you happen to get him angry he will probably punchyou in the face unless you’re a girl of course. He might also walk away slowlyand sit alone by the nearest tree. He tries not to be the violent type ofperson. He dislikes a couple things, Fighting unless necessary, Heights, and Spiders.

    History: When he was 2 his dad left his mom inorder to try and become the Pokémon master. Rafael and his mom got worried whena year passed and they didn’t see the dad. At the age of 13 Rafael’s dad finallycame home after being kicked out of the Zivito region. About 2 years later on Rafael’sbirthday he got a letter saying he was invited to the Zivito region.
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