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This might shock some people who know me, considering they would know how much of a nostalgia nut I am, but I am not a purist. I do thoroughly love the Gen I games and pokemon, but not so much that it makes me think any less of the other gens. All of them have their own charms; 1 for being the original and starting off the great Pokemon adventure, 2 for having Typhlosion having Kanto and Johto, and having a fun-to-explore time skip, 3 for rehauling the internal mechanics and adding a whole bunch of new features, 4 for wi-fi and battle frontier, 5...I just started 5, so lemme get back to you on that. xD

But yeah, as you see, all the gens have their own things that make them fin, so I can't say I like Gen 1 more than any other for that reason. That said, purists have every right to be purists, so I just let them be.
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