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    Hmm...It's been a while since I last played a villain, but I'll give it another shot. Please reserve me a spot for Team RoseCrystal. I'll finish my SU as soon as possible.

    Name: Neo Bloome
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Position: Co-Leader

    Species: Magmar
    Gender: Male
    Level: 26
    Attacks: Toxic, Protect, Flamethrower, Psychic, Focus Blast, Double Team.

    Species: Metang
    Gender: None
    Level: 25
    Attacks: Rock Polish, Hone Claws, Earthquake, Iron Head, Aerial Ace, Metal Claw

    Appearance: Neo stands at 6 feet and one inch tall. He keeps his black hair slicked, and sometimes he wears a wide brimmed black hat over it. His eyes are maroon and seem to always be looking at everyone at the same time. He is quite pale, which, coupled with his eyes, give him a ghostly appearance and makes some people afraid of him.
    Now to clothes. Neo is well groomed, and is never seen wearing anything that isn't a suit. Said suit is usually a black pinstriped one, with a maroon or white shirt and a tie that is either red or blue. His shoes are black and polished, and he wears a gold ring on his right hand's ring finger. Sometimes he wears a dark grey long coat over his suit.
    Personality: Neo is...quiet. Very quiet. He rarely speaks beside giving commands to his Pokemon and underlings. He also doesn't know any particular emotions and is serious basically all the time. Nobody has seen him smile, as he does not do that very often. There is a very misterious aura around him. Like if there was something ghostly hanging around him.
    Neo is also very ruthless in batle, brutally attacking the opponents Pokemon without seeming to care if he goes too far or not. He will not stop a battle until it is over, an will carry on a fight no matter how hurt his Pokemon are.
    History: Not much is known about Neo's past. It is said that he was a quiet shy boy who grew sick of being bullied and ran away from home at age 10. He joined Team RoseCrystal soon after and in 6 years he was already one of the most important members. The, when he turned 18, he became one of the team's co-leaders.

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