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I think most people want more 4th and 5th gen move effects, especially with moves like Uturn, Psyshock, Dragontail, Sucker Punch, and Trick Room which are slightly exotic (and thus tougher for newer programers) but are widely used in official GF releases.

Also, support for boulder pushing puzzles, especially ones like pushing boulders through holes in the floors and onto switches that appeared in gen1 games in most caves, would be very appreciated.

Being able to have multiple roamers of the same species would be cool. Events like having the player clear out a swarm of ghosts from a room would be much easier to pull off.

Ability to set the Ability, Nature and EVs of a trainer's individual pokemon. I think it only pops up in the Battle Frontier in main games and against certain trainers, but it would be cool to do it for important trainers like gym leaders and such to make the game more challenging/customizable.

Icons for physical/special/status next to attacks.

5th Gen experience system. Seems to be a good candidate for Settings.
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