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Not sure how you want the list to be perfect as necessary but I mess up on my last post of claiming. My apologies.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protcol- I misspelled and it should be "Protocol"

Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides- I forgot "THE" in Pirates of THE Caribbean

I was looking through claims and noticed
Mark Sinclair Vincent (Vin Diesel) under claims for M. I already claimed "Vin Diesel" under V so unsure on how that should be corrected.

DROPPING Songs/Albums

★ Miranda Lambert - Revolution [Album] (Sector Revenge)

DROPPING Celebrities
★ David Boreanaz - Sector Revenge
★ Sarah Michelle Geller - Sector Revenge

★ Vin Diesel - Sector Revenge

Claiming Celebrities
★ Carrie Underwood - Sector Revenge
★ Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon- Sector Revenge
★ Mark Sinclair Vincent (Vin Diesel)- Sector Revenge

I should be comfortable with this now LOL the rest of the Films/Movies will come as I find more I fall in love with! Thanks!