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    I've been watching Koolboyman's LP of this in youtube, not sure if you (Truality) have seen it or not but he's got many good points about how to improve the hack there.

    So, I decided to come to say something here myself too (related to the LP).
    I liked the beginning of the hack but seeing as KBM progressed further, he found many minor bugs which you should fix.
    Additionally, I think you should do something with the people blocking all paths. It's unnecessary having many people blocking one path or two-square door, instead put trigger events making one blocking person tell you not to go or something if you can't figure out any other way to get rid of the problem.

    For example, there is a girl blocking the 2nd gym in the game - instead, you could make something more like the one in GSC (Morty's gym) where a man pushes you out of the gym telling the gym leader is not present at the moment (or make the gym door locked until some sequence is gone through - it doesn't make much sense if a gym is kept open but yet the leader is missing).

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