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I've got my eyes on these Pokemon...please CMT for these.

HG/SS Flying Pikachu level 10 UT
Shiny Pikachu Colored Pichu level 30 UT
Toys "R" Us Zoroark Level 50 UT
Worlds Championships 2011 Scrafty Level 50 UT
Korean Carlita Hydreigon Level 70 UT
Milos Island Thundurus Level 70 UT
Korean Movie14 Zekrom Level 100
Korean Movie14 Reshiram Level 100
Squirtle Level 10 UT
Charmander Level 10 UT
Turtwig Level 10 UT
Chimchar Level 10 UT
Piplup Level 10 UT
Blissey level 10 UT
Altaria level 35 UT
Banette level 37 UT

Oh yeah, about your Shiny it legitimate? If it is, I'd like that one too, please! And...about the Japanese Bulbasaur...what's the nature and Hidden Power type? I can clone, so you don't have to (by using my flash cart). Thanks!
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