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I don't mind Lanhua-spamming, Soul-spamming, Kitaru-spamming or any character-spamming :D well yeah, since spam is defined as Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages I'd rather not have that :B but decent, entertaining posts make me so happy~

If you're not in a hurry, do take your time to read the other players' posts as well. That, like Mr Mammoth said, can give you an insight to how other people interpret or view a route, an event or just RPing in general. And maybe you can get a feel for what players you'd like to interact with later on :3

Now, in these kind of RPs, it's often more about just writing than real RPing :x since the only other "player" you've met so far is me via the story parts of the chapters. That's why I thought changing the pace up a bit inside towns might give a different feeling for this RP. Hopefully positively so.

Also, SWAN - writing about the passing of days is completely fine. Someone might interpret route 11 to take a day or two to get through, while someone else might think it could be crossed in a couple of hours. Actually, I don't mind either interpretation. We probably shouldn't mention weekdays in this RP, then xD

BUT when you meet up, you should probably make sure both characters are at the same time of the day :p
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