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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Name: Sector Revenge
Partner Pokemon: Aurora the Latias
How Active you will be (1-10): 8.5ish?

Favorite Hoenn Pokemon would be Latias. As for non-Legendary, Milotic all the way! How can anyone not like her? She's the queen of Beauty!

Very first starter Pokemon was of course, Torchic, due to the fact that I love choosing Fire types in every game pretty much. I prefer Blaziken over the other two anyways.

The strongest Hoenn Legendary? Would be Deoxys hands down, depending on you use him. But I'd always pick Latias over any of them <3

I played Ruby a bunch, so I'd have to go with Ruby..
Welcome to the club, Sector Revenge. Have fun and stay active n_n

It seems the female Pokémon are using their girly charm on you, though it is quite understandable that you would have fallen for them, as they are indeed great ;)
I also like to pick a specific type of starters, though it's Grass starters in my case, but I think that Blaziken would be my favourite of the starters final evolutionary stage too.

Originally Posted by lewieboy124 View Post
Please can I join....
Name: lewieboy124
Partner Pokemon: Swellow
How Active will I be: 5 (mainly on weekends)

In my opinion, the strongest Hoenn Legendary is Kyogre as it has loads of useful/powerful moves such as Body Slam and Hydro Pump.
But because I played Pokemon Sapphire, I'm probably being biased. :3
No need to ask, everyone who intend on following the rules are welcome, so welcome to the club, lewieboy124 :D A shame that your time in here is mostly in the weekend, though ;_;

It doesn't matter whether your choice is biased or not, actually, as long as it's the one you believe to be the best, though Kyogre has some pretty awesome moves too ;p

Anyways, the current topic has been going for some time now, so boy, oh boy, new topic time!

'Which of the Hoenn Pokémon would you like to see get (pre)evolutions?'
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