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Chapter 1: A New Beginning: A New Adventure

I recall it of one warm and inviting summer day in New Bark Town. The sun shone down bright on the tranquil town. All the Pokémon woke from their slumber; the Starly sang in the new morning light, the Bellossom and Hoppip basked in the warmth of the early sun, and Chinchou and Remoraids swam happily.

The sunlight coming from the window was warm on my cheek. I groaned as I rolled over, trying to avoid the sun's early gaze, at the point where I arose out of my bed.

This boy used to be me, 3 years ago. This was the day when I received a Cyndaquil so I can be like my dad. But he's not here since he left us when I was 5. He won 3 Pokémon Leagues out of the 5 regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

I stretched and began to get ready for the day. I quickly changed into my jeans and yellow shirt, then put on my brown gloves and goggles as I made my way to the kitchen. I happily let out a small grin, amazed of what might become for me on this fine day.

As I walked towards the cabinet, I quickly grasped on my Corn Flakes cereal and quickly stuffed them in my mouth so I can depart from my house early. I choked for a small amount of time until I managed to swallow those sharp chunks disrupting my neck.

Then I heard something coming from my TV as the absurd noises and bangs began irritating me from my peaceful breakfast. I got up from my seat and slowly walked towards the living room, looking at my curious, enthusiastic mother watching old clips about my Dad winning in the Unova league 15 something years ago. It was my Dad's Charizard against Alder's Druddigon.

"Char, use Seismic Toss. Finish this once and for all!" Dad loudly commanded as he quickly points out to Char. Char nodded in response. He briskly managed to dive down from the sky and grabbed Druddigon as it thrashes around, trying to slip out of the Char's tight grip suffocating his neck.

Alder was furious as he clenched his teeth, unable to bear this for long. "Druddigon, use Thunder Fang to release yourself!"

Druddigon tried to crunch on Char's arm, but Char him suffocated harder and harder as the Druddigon began breathing. Druddigon was losing power while Char tightly held on him. The fans were getting frantic as they glance on how Druddigon's losing.

"Alder, you can do this!"

"Don't let that kid beat you!"

Char flew up higher towards the vast sky and spinned up and down. As Char quickly dived hard towards the ground, he lets go of Druddigion as he plunged it hard into the arena.

A cloud of dust began circling around the arena, causing the audience to be confused as they began questioning on what's going on. After the dust settled, the scene showed Druddigon lying on his back, his mouth slightly bleeding, with a few of his teeth chipped off and his wounds caused blood to gush out.

Alder gasped at the sight of his Pokemon harshly beaten and defeated.

Everyone cheered. They began jumping and rooting on while some unpleasantly booed on my Dad and his Charizard. Dad walked up to the bench at the right side of the arena.


"That kid defeated Alder!?"

"He's legend!"

Dad picked up the trophy with Char the Charizard, Slasher the Samurott, Geico the Sceptile, Jolt the Jolteon, and Basher the Heracross. Char happily licked on Dad's face, then they lightly snuggled each other's faces.

Seeing this from the TV, my mom shuts it off, crying. "Oh Rald, why are you gone... please come back..." She placed her palm on her warm face, crying loudly. This is something my Mom would always watch and do every single morning. I would see her with a soulless look on her face which gave me shivers that ran down my spine.

So, for their starter Pokémon, Mom chose Squirtle while my dad chose Charmander. On their dazzling journey, Dad and Charmander grew to be an unbeatable pair. They would always train, while many people would wonder on why they would do so every single morning, and afternoon. When people were in trouble, they're more than willing to step up and protect them.

In seven years they completed the Pokédex. During that time, he managed to win in the various leagues: Johto, Hoenn, and Unova. He did lose in Kanto when he started out, and lost in Sinnoh, losing against Tobias.

He moved on to the Battle Frontier back in Kanto. He managed to win by recognizing his own shortcomings and using that to prevail. It was after this that Dad gave up collecting badges and married Mom. They were twenty-two.

2 years later, I was born. After that, Mom gave up battling and started taking care of me. Before my dad left, he would always tell me amazing stories on how he goes through his amazing adventures, that made me be amazed of what he went through. He used to be a rookie back when he was in Kanto until he realized on how to fully bond and understand Pokémon.

The day before he left, he was busy talking to Char outside about something, he was frustrated about it as I hear him thrash around and scream, but what? I was too young to understand on what was becoming of him. Then a day later, he finally left. He was afraid to tell Mom and me about it. But he inspired me to to become a trainer like him.

Back to this, my Mom still weeps in sadness and despair for my enigmatic father. Then she wiped her tears and fake smiled like nothing just happened. I shuddered when I got to see her creepy face, wondering if she's really all right.

"Blake, I'll miss you, you are the only one I have, except my Pokémon and Elekid. You remind me of your dad, since you have some of his looks. But you have my light skin and my face. Take care, and notify me by using the Pokegear." She said, then her smile grew somewhat wider since she knows that I will make it.

"I will mom, I will." I smiled happily. As I was about to depart, Buzz, our Elekid quickly ran towards me and tightly hugged my leg, hoping that he may see me again. Just seeing that made me feel a bit empty with grief and pain. I lightly patted his head and walked out of the house.

Buzz has been my Pokémon since my 5th birthday. My dad decided to find a perfect Pokémon for all of us to be with and he was the perfect once for me.

I walked down to Jackson's green, somewhat large house and loudly pounded the door.

"Hello? Jack, you there?" I yelled.

After 10 seconds have rolled by, Jackson slowly walked out of the door with a excited demeanor.

"Hey Blake? You're ready to get our starters today?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready all right." I happily responded, "Professor Elm told me that Cyndaquil are very young and that they grow up early, they are timid also. So is Carly ready to get her starter?"

"She already left... She's too determined to get her Chikorita before us. She's always so joyous for everything, even when we were in Pokemon School in Violet City." He said as he lightly chuckled.

So Jackson and me been friends since we were very young. We met in the beautiful Olivine City, playing at the sand with the clear serene water lightly splashing on her soft skin. My Dad decided for me to meet new people, then that's when I met Jackson. We've always got our backs, and that he always cracks funny jokes, but he doesn't do it anyone since they are too offensive.

So when we slowly walked together to Professor Elm's lab, we looked at Carly putting her Chikorita on her face, laughing while she tickles her tummy.

"Wait... so since that she chose a Chikorita, I'll just pick Oshawott. I don't like Totodile anyway. He walked to Professer Elm as he was preparing our Pokédex. I turned around and saw a quiet Cyndaquil munching away Pokémon food silently.

I walked down to the starter table, feeling a bit nervous. Seeing that I came, the little echidna like Pokemon stopped chewing and using his monstrous Leer attack. I startled a bit as I slowly moved back with both of my arms up. Then I breathed in and out until I became confident.

"Hey... my name is Blake... and I am-"

I was too nervous to say anything else since that the grumpy little thing was getting more infuriated. Then he flared up a huge, fiery combustion from his 4 spots on his back.

"Quil cynda!" Cyndaquil loudly shrieked. I went back a bit, and fell down on my back while my stomach felt a bit painful, while his flames grew larger and larger. Professor Elm turned around while giving Jackson his Oshawott, glancing at the Cyndaquil's huge flame with his demonic expression glaring at my astonished face. His heart pounded faster and faster.

(Seriously, this Cyndaquil has something going on. Since I got it alone at Cyndaquil Cave, he would always be too angry and he almost destroyed the laboratory before! I have to give him to Blake, soon!)

"Wait here Jackson, I have to stop this Cyndaquil from burning the lab, NOW!"

Professor Elm ran as quick as he can to stop Cyndaquil. I turned around and looked at him putting out the Poké Ball as the red light sapped the Cyndaquil and sealed him. Professor Elm ran and caught the ball. Then he slowly walked towards me and I got up.

"Blake, take care of this Cyndaquil, he sure can have a nasty temper." He said as he nodded his head.

"I will, that explains how sensitive he is."

He turned around and grabbed the Pokédex, then he looked back toward me. "Ok, so here is your Pokédex, it's red, and that here are your Poke Balls, have a nice journey!" He said.

"I'll try to finish up the Pokedex like my father did!" I said, then I departed.

So when I walked out, I saw a red headed guy wearing a black, long sleeved shirt standing at the left of the laboratory's window.

"Who are you?" I asked.

He turned around and left out a menacing glare, causing me to move back a bit. "None of your business." He said in such a sarcastic tone, "Just get out of my way."

"Ok. Geez."

So as I quickly paced away from that arrogant jerk, I took out my Poké Ball. "Ok Quil, come out."

I threw out the Poke Ball and Quil was released as red energy until he was reformed into his real self. When he saw my excited gaze, he turned around, feeling irritable.

"Hey Quil, that's what I am going to name you, so... I will be your partner. But first, I need to take you to my house. SO let's go."

When I slowly walked towards my house, Quil wasn't even moving a bit. "I said, let's go." He still didn't move. Then I got my leash out of my bag and harshly tied at his neck. Then I dragged his body, but he's sort of heavy.

I harshly groaned, seeing that Quil would refuse to obey me. "Ok. I'll carry you." I picked him up and grabbed him tight, since he refuses to last in my hands. I came back, seeing my Mom cook her delicious Pecha Noodle Soup as the spicy, mouthwatering scent forcing its way into my hollow nostrils, causing me to feel nothing but a delicious soup that's awaiting for me. Then I looked at Buzz playing by himself as he lightly rocked himself around, happily chuckling.

"Mom, I'm back."

She stopped stirring and turned around towards me grabbing Quil. "Honey, why are you back so soon, I thought that you left for your journey."

"I did, but I want to show you my Cyndaquil." I lightly placed him at the ground. Buzz sprinted towards Quil, feeling excited that he could play with him. Quil is refusing to use mobility, causing the curious Buzz to become disoriented.

"Be Bee!" Buzz happily greeted with his hand up. Quil let out no response, making Buzz feel like Quil is just tired. "Bee?" Buzz looked at Quil's stomach, but all he hears is heavy breathing puffing out of Quil's mouth that cause Buzz's head to feel a bit warm.

Buzz tried moving Quil's front and back legs, but he still remains immobile. When Buzz used Thundershock to move Quil, the tingling and burning sensation around the grumpy Quil to become extremely furious. The strongest he could, he quickly jumped up and kicked Buzz to the wall. My eyes became weary as my stomach quickly became upset.

"Quil, stop this instant right now!" I angrily yelled as I put my finger down.

But Quil took my command as npnsense. He jumps down on his legs and bursts out a big wispy flame that can almost reach the ceiling. But this time, it's a wispy blue flame. My stomach twisted as I quickly tried breathing.

Like, how can a Cyndaquil have his flame be blue?! That's nearly impossible, except for a Charizard. Then Quil used Quick Attack and harshly tacked Buzz on his stomach, causing a massive crater on the wall.

They rolled down to my creepy basement used by sewer Pokemon such as Rattata and Spinarak. Then he punched him harshly on the face over and over. Buzz looked up and had a shocked facial expression while he glances at Quil's horrible condition. Quil pushed Buzz away from him and spits out massive blue embers on Buzz. Buzz let out a loud screech that caused me to become extremely frustrated.

"Quil, like I said, STOP NOW!" I angrily commanded as I stomped the ground angrily. But Quil still didn't comprehend like if he has no consciousness. Then he once again use Ember, but this time, it sets Buzz aflame as the fire rages on his body.

"Beeeeee!" Buzz ran and ran while he was on fire, at the where he lost consciousness. My mom quickly ran down the way towards Buzz. She grasped on Buzz while she harshly shivers, wondering if he is alright.

Then he slowly opened his eyes as he made a crooked smile on his face, startling my mom once more. I harshly bawled with my palm on top of my face. Then I loudly stomped my foot on the floor and quickly made my way to Buzz.

I was extremely shocked, seeing Buzz having burns badly cinched all over his body, with smoke puffing out of him, with a slight bit of blood streaming out of his wide open mouth. I got up and tightly clenched my fists as I harshly growled at Quil with my tensed up face.

"Quil! What is your problem?! You are the worst Pokemon I have ever seen! Your disobedience is far enough! You almost killed Buzz for pete sake! He would never do that to someone, and you don't even care about how much damage you caused!? I tried being your friend, but NOOOOO... You TEND TO act like I AM YOUR ENEMY! NOW WE ARE! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE MY FRIEND FINE! Get out of my face, NOW!" I pointed towards the door as I exhaled harshly.

Quil calmed down and looked up at me. He slowly opened his mouth as he appears to look extremely sorry. Then he harshly cried and ran away out of the door. I put my hand on my chest and gripped it tightly, realizing that what I did is not the idea of being a good trainer.

"What have I done? I shouldn't have ever been rude to that poor guy. Like why is he like this? What happened when Professor Elm found him?" I faintly said, shivering, "I better go to him right this instant."

I turned around towards Mom, while she held on Buzz lightly. "Mom, I'll try to go to Professor Elm to ask on why Quil is like this. I'll be back, take care of Buzz." I quickly ran out of the door.

"Take care, my son." She said passionately.

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