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Of course you can join Pudz, even Christians can join if they so wish so you are more than welcome :D - and welcome to Gamzee too! I keep forgetting about this club, I'm so bad. Whenever I come to Other Clubs I always think of the LGBT Club and then forget about this D:

Confirmation sounds like a terrible idea. Like, it kind of crosses the line from identifying with a religion and choosing to be a part of one, to being inducted and sealed in.

And regarding the article, those tweets and statuses are disgusting! This one in particular I found disturbing:

They're just pissed off because she won and they lost. The reason it was important that the prayer be taken down was that education shouldn't be based on religion. That banner sends a dangerous message to the world, and the fact that she is persecuted for bringing about change is horrifying. And the violent messages that come from the Christians who pride themselves on love... well wow, it's amazing religion is becoming less popular with every passing day, isn't it?

"So this is why God bombed us."

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