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Ohhhh right! I will~

Meanwhile at PC's PO:

(21:42:20) Terrakion: gee i wonder what virizion is up too~
(21:43:12) Cobalion: hehehee
(21:43:22) +Virizion: i am
(21:43:24) +Virizion: gunna shower
(21:44:27) Terrakion: ... i just realized
(21:44:32) Terrakion: i'm weak to water
(21:44:53) +Virizion: lol
(21:44:54) +Virizion: i'm not
(21:45:02) Terrakion: but
(21:45:06) +Virizion: i'm weak to bug/psychic/fire though
(21:45:12) Terrakion: how does a rock pokemon clean themselves ;;
(21:45:16) +Virizion: lol
(21:45:17) +Virizion: w/ other rocks
(21:45:19) +Virizion: ROCK POLISH
(21:45:23) +Virizion: YOU HAVE IT!!
(21:45:28) Terrakion: OH RIGHT!!
(21:45:55) Terrakion: hah, 15-30 minute shower for you, 3 seconds for me :3

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