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    Originally Posted by Mr. Mammoth View Post
    @The warden: Sure why not? Soul will be all edgy and s*** since they will be in Febourough Town, Soul's birthplace. I bet Soul would just snap immideately due to all the tension and go apes*** crazy on Kitaru as well, he'd certainly love the satisfaction to put a pestering human in his place!
    Yeah, that would work. I wouldn't mind Kitaru getting a little beaten up because getting into fights he can win is in character for Kitaru.

    Originally Posted by Fuyu View Post
    I'll be Kitaru's rival! Not sure how it'll work but let's go for it! :D
    Well I think that if Ethan just starts to analyze Kitaru's behavior then Kitaru will eventually snap. The tricky thing would be pushing his buttons to make him want to battle Ethan instead of just beat him up. I would say that Kitrau's honor should be used as leverage but if you have any better ideas then just go with them.

    One idea could be have the fight first then meet Ethan who notes that Kitaru has been in a fight and has bruises consitant with fighting a lot (or something like that any way). It being suggested that Kitaru is a fighter he would likely battle for his honor despite the fact he gets into fights all the time XD
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