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OK! I've finally had some time (and presence of mind) to think up some claims! So I'm now claiming seven more films, which shall bring my total film claims up to nine!

Movie Claims
Changeling - Shining Raichu
The Devil Wears Prada - Shining Raichu
Erin Brockovich - Shining Raichu
The Help - Shining Raichu
The Holiday - Shining Raichu
Love Actually - Shining Raichu
Notting Hill - Shining Raichu

Ugh this list is far too girly but oh well, I can't help what I like! I'll try to make my tenth movie more badass when I think of it - also I realise it would be chaos to implement at this point but I think it'd be a lot nicer-looking and more accurate if the movies had the year in brackets written after them. Just a thought XD. It was so hard for me not to put them in argh!

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