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    Side: Gold Tribe
    Name: Jay
    Gender: Male
    Age: (16+) 20
    Title: Electric Mouse (A title is what do we call him?)
    Pokemon Species: Pikachu
    Appearance: Well,it's a Pikachu,Yellow body, Electric Tail can charge up electricity...
    Personality: A brave one, that accept's any challenge from anyone and try his best to join the Gold Tribe...and for the Silver Tribe, he's not friendly at all with them, for being enemies of the Gold Tribe.
    History: He's dream is to enter the Gold Tribe, may be a Pikachu but a really strong Pikachu and he has a secret place for training, and its name is called ''Collabo ruins'' where lives many Pokemons, Pikachu Jay has lived in a little Town too, but he knows he's just a Pikachu, so he's trying all to join Gold Tribe.
    Shock Wave
    Volt Tackle
    Iron Tail
    Thunder Wave

    Im cool and cute,and I can transform into any Pokemon!
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