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    Originally Posted by MrElephant View Post
    I have some old digimon cards (trading card game) that have the digimon from the first generation. If you wanted me to I could look to see if the old cards have any moves on them.
    That would be helpful. Thanks.

    Originally Posted by EmilieAutumn View Post
    I think you could put all the Digimon, of the first season (the digichosen of course ). You know, Tailmon, Palmon, Gomamon, Tentomon, Gabumon, Pyokomon, Patamon, and their digievolutions (including even the extreme phase).

    I think you could also put these digimons here:
    Gaomon , Lalamon , Lunamon (and their digievolutions)...
    Lilithmon , Apollomon , Azulongmon , Kazemon , Zephyrmon , LadyDevimon , Cherubimon , Lucemon...

    And a lot of other Digimons that you may know.
    I have a very very good friend which is spriter, I will talk to him to see if he can help with the game.

    All the digichosen are already in the game and most of the others you listed are either in the hack already, or will be. If he could make a Devimon OW sprite, That would help me tremendously. Or a Matt and Sora OW.

    Originally Posted by avaramoon View Post
    This looks fantastic! I can't wait for the release :D

    Are you planning to make all the starters obtainable on some way? I like them all >.<
    Yes all Digimon will be obtainable at some point and in multiple ways. For example Tanemon and Minomon both digivolve from Budmon(the starter). So if you pick either of the other starters you could eventually catch Minomon, breed it, then the egg will hatch into Budmon and you can potentially digivolve it to Tanemon, Palmon, Togemon, etc.
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