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Shadoan continues to walk on the road towards Olvine in order for him to find a captain willing to take him to the Lethia region. Upon his arrival into the city of steel, he notices quite a commotion involving a lot of police near the docks. A group of Pokémon thieves were captured red handed in attempts to steal Pokémon from a few of the dock workers. As the thieves were prosecuted, the pier was shut-down for day.

“WHAT?!” Shadoan yells from the top of his lungs. “BUT….but…….” He takes a deep breath and sighs as he sits down on the street corner. “I need to get to Lethia…” As he stared at the ground, an old man with a long blue trench coat and white captain’s cap approached him. The bottom end of the coat was tethered, ripped and worn out, and the rotting leather of his boots could be noted. “If you need a boat to Lethia, I can take you there.” Shadoan looks up at the old captain and sits up to meet his point of view. “But the docks are closed; the police are looking over the scene of the crime for the other thieves.” The old man beckons Shadoan to follow him out of Olvine to a beach close by. A small ship had made anchor out in the waters a little ways from the beach. “Lethia is the league for Earth and Sky, the survivalist’s battle royal; if it’s the place you seek, I and my Pokémon will be your escorts.” Shadoan looked back at the Olvine and then back to the captain. Without much choice, he nodded and accepted the old man’s invitation.

The captain snaps his fingers as a Laprus rises from the water, its shell scuffed from battle. The old man greets it, petting its head. “Are you ready to head out old girl?” The Pokémon nodded its head as it turned around to allow Shadoan and the captain to mount aboard, making way for the ship ahead. Shadoan looked out over the water and asked the captain how he knew about the Earth and Sky league. The captain humbly replies “I use to be one of the elites… Now I guard the region with my life along with the rest of my crew.” He turns back to Shadoan and holds out an old tethered map. “GPS tracking systems will be useless once we land; a physical map will be required.” Shadoan accepts the map and stores it within his belt pack. “Why help me? Should you be helping the elites in the league?” The captain turns to face him with a grim face as they reach the ship. “I have simply been replaced. I come to each dock in every region to offer my services every year of the contest. I am only helping you as much as any other trainer I have helped over the years I have escorted them. Just be ready for the fights of your life… When you reach the finals, I pray you, among the other contestants succeed and get out alive.

That being said, the captain set sail for Lethia and arrived to the island safely within the small town. It was dark on their arrival, but plenty could be seen in the moonlight. The town contained the basic poke mart, a large Pokemon center, a towering hotel with a large hot spring out its back, a radio tower with a few satellite dishes attached to the structure and a few empty homes. Shadoan made his way for the hotel to check in for the evening.
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