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@Starforce23 Wow...uh, sorry but your SU is waaay too short for this RP. I know this sounds harsh but maybe this RP isn't the best one for you. It's pretty demanding and requires a lot more than this to get in. Declined.

Everyone Also, I feel I should break down the battlefield a bit so that no one would get confused. The Alpha Alliance army attacking Eternity City has about 6000 soldiers attacking, not including the Gold Tribe members. The Silver Tribe currently has about 20,000 or so Ancients in Eternity, but they are more spread out than the Alpha Alliance troops. As you know, Ancients are made up of...well, Ancient Pokemon, basically Pokemon that were fossils (I think you get the idea). There are also three Sentinels soon to join the battle: Frostbite, Ignitus, and Beserker, with Noxious also possibly joining later. There is about 30 or so members in the rebel group that attacked to make the distraction as well.

Eternity City is a sort of "layered" city, meaning it has different zones, or sections that go deeper and deeper, until you get to the center. Think of a piece of cake, or something like that. Eternity is basically shaped like a circle, with the outer wall surrounding the outside, followed by the outer courtyard, which is where the Alpha Alliance army is right now. The rebel group is also somewhere in the outer courtyard. The Alpha Alliance's main goal here is to basically take the city, by taking each layer, starting with the outer courtyard. They then hope to break into the inner wall, and from there, the main central district.

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