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Ah excellent thread.

Firstly i want to draw up the Stealth Rock argument. No, i feel this is a weak argument or why cant Ho-Oh be Ou ? I just dont buy it especially with things on Volc teams like Xatu/Esp and spinners sure they can all be stopped, but still. :/

To be honest in some ways Volcarona is actually HARDER to beat than Ho-Oh is imo as 4x weak SR mons go. Honestly, Ho-Oh doesn't even get a stat boosting move outside of CM whilst Volcarona gets Quiver Dance, less weaks and better resists than Ho-Oh does. It also has superior speed which makes it alot harder to deal with because it outspeeds basically all of the metagame bar two viable scarfers i.e as Landorus and Terrakion. That more than makes up for Volcs lack of speed/ability to use its attack stat and def imo, being able to outrun basically anything in the metagame and KO them.

As far as counters and checks go, Volcarona can basically muscle its way through 90% of its checks which ill expand on in a second. It can sweep entire rain teams which in my mind is just preposterous (so its arguably not the sun's fault either) because it actually sets up on its so called checks in bulky waters with Quiver Dance. Things like Jellicent stand 0 chance vs it. In the sun its even worse, a simple +1 (no LO) Fire Blast OHKO's Gyarados, Salamence and Dragonite with Stealth Rock present some more "so called checks" beaten. Chansey and Blissy are no match either and are both 2hko'd at +1 in the sun with SR present and are essentially +6+6+6 bait for the Chesto Rest.

Volcarona is very much like Blaziken in that it destroys all but 3 or 4 very few select Pokemon and in my mind this really isnt healthy for the metagame. In ways its also worse than Blaziken as it resists all priority bar ES and the exceeding rare Aqua Jet (which wont come close to even 50% in the sun lol). Blaziken only has around the same number of mons that counld deal with it (Slowbro, Unaware Quag, CB Nite sort of ?)

So as far as checks/counters to this set alone;

Volcarona@ Chesto Berry
- Quiver Dance
- Fire Blast
- bug Buzz
- Rest

In Ou in the sun you have;

- Scarf Landorus
- Scarf Terrakion (NEEDS to be scarfer or takes 83.8% - 98.8% from +1 Modest Fire Blast in the sun)
- Roar Heatran (loses if Volc is last poke however, which ive seen done and loses to the even more offensive versions with HP Ground). Heatran is on a death sentence against sun teams with [Possible Sash] Dugtrio, which is the majority of them which use it to kill Tyanitar/Blissey also.

- Scarf Meinshao.
- Snorlax and Hariyama possibly
- CB Nite to pick it off at at like 50/60% ?

The bolded are OU, just for reference.

Volcarona also has other sets where things like Sub that eliminate the scarfers or random Hidden Powers and even Morning Sun. Im only assessing one set and not even going into other sets because i feel ive already assessed just how deadly it is with just 1 set.

Unaware Quagsire.
Gets 2hko'd by Bug Buzz due to its horrible sp.def.
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