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Createdby: eternal dreamer

Concoction Mania,2012

Crazed Inc.


Pokémon: Eternal Divide

Created in RPG Maker XP,

using the Pokémon Starter Kit (December 24th update).

The project was started on January 27, 2012 and will combine aspects from gba and ds games while still creating its own unique iniverse.


First Continent (Urix)

6 Towns

4 Cities

5 *Major* forests

2 *Major* Lake

Tons of Caves

The PKMN League

Second Continent (Pyriel)

Comprised of Ruins, Caves and Mountains

Houses & Most, if not all, Legendary PKMN

3 Forests
Tons of Caves
Ancient Cities
& More to come!

Primary Island (Battle Island)

1 City

Contains mountains and caves

Battle Factory styled area.

IV&EV Training area

Secondary Islands (Outcast islands)

Mostly wooded areas


Multiple Dive spots around both continents

Filled with Trainers

Multiple Minor Caves

Some Large caves

Dream Worlds (Heaven & Hell)

The Moon

Area Details:

First Continent details:

A lush, forest infested area entangled in rivers and sea-like waters. An area that seems to have been untouched by the hands of man, but rather: man having been placed within. Although the waters may be difficult to overcome, and the forests filled with fear, one cannot oversee the beauty of its calming landscape.

And at the peak of its wonderfulness, is home to the greatest of the great: The Pokémon League. Whoever shall lay a single foot in the halls of Glorious Triumph shall never leave the same. Will you dare test your might against the greatness that is the Elite Nine? (That's right...NINE...then the champion)

Second Continent Details:

A land ravaged by the Gods themselves. A land torn apart by years of endless wars. A land shrouded by the mist of defeat. A land…without hope.

If the wars do not end, life as we know it shall cease to exist. Will you step up to the challenge condemned upon humanity by the recklessness of the Gods?

Primary Island details:

A calm and dreamy island that has become a refuge for those seeking shelter from the pains of life. But not only the weary have come to this island, but also the mighty. And in time, the battle for glory began.

Over the years, many adventurers have passed through the island seeking fame, but few have found it. Welcome…to Battle Island.

Secondary Island details:

A small, uninhabited island that has become filled with wild and dangerous Pokémon.

Dream World – Heaven details:

A world created to house the world’s greatest of persons, and the strongest of Pokémon. A world secluded from everything, an entrance hidden away in the deepest depths of the wooded continent [first continent], and a legend with no bounds.

Dream world – hell details:

An uninhabitable area covered with fire and mindless trainers whose only goal isto battle. There is no actual life in this world, but in reality just a mirage created by a legend. Will you be able to quell the Beast and end the madness of Hell?

The Moon details:

A small colony was made on this naturally hovering satellite in order to advance science in its purest sense. Although the intentions are pure, the actions are not. The King of the Stars has awoken in rage, and none are sure why. Will anyone be able to stop his insane reign?


The Gods created two continents;[First] to house the creatures they created, and [Second] for people to worshipand temples for themselves to live in. But over time, the Gods grew tired ofthe others, and the end was in sight. For through their rage, did the Originalsawake. One that created the heavens and all the joy within. Another thatcreated creatures in its image: the “Legendary Pokémon.” And the third, thatcreated death itself, along with all the suffering in the world. And, as noneknew, they despised each other. Through their hate, the wars began. A team arose in the madness, separated into three factions, whose only goal is to end the world. Now, it is up to you to end their madness.

Screen Shots!

& More to come!

Some Features:

1. Banking Feature
2. Side Quests for some Legendaries
3. [idea] Pokeball Fishing game (similar to the TM digging game)
4. [idea] Bring back the Excavation system found in DS games
5. Choice based events&people.
& Much More!

Change Log:


Created the outline of the game
Created several routes and towns


Started inserting PKMN encounter data
Started inserting Trainer data
Brainstormed animation ideas
Brainstormed Event ideas
Continued making routes and towns


Created this info page
Added Screen Shots
Started adding the sea outline for the first continent
Mapped more routes
Re-imagined game map, re-arranged routes and towns to fitnew structure
Started to map two more forests
Started to add sea-route names to sea maps
Started un-capitalizing Pokémon names

1/31/12 & early 2/1/12

Added more details to routes and towns
Went away from the traditional opening (wake up, talk toprof, beat gyms…etc.)
Added Metadata for most created routes and areas
Continued editing Forests*
Continued Sea Routes*
Continued un-capitalizing Pokémon names*
Added a new town with a (eventually will make) deepstoryline*
Began adding Pokémon Black & White Pokédex data*
Started adding encounters**


Finished editing the first (new) forest
Gave up on un-capitalizing names for now
Finished “New town” (Fallcrest) – Just need to editTidus’ Mansion and create the story
Black and White data successfully added
Created ROUTE 7 & Safehaven City
Started adding Bank and science center***

* = Hope to finish soon
** = Last on my personal “To Do” list
*** = Part of side quest, and will come back to it later

If you would like to assist me in my project, please PM me, or reply to this post!
I am open to any criticism, so be completely honest!

Uploaded with
Project start date: 1/27/12
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