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    Jack Davis

    Even though Jack had no knowledge of where the island was the captain seemed to know the way intimately. He weaved around rocks and reefs with keen eye precision and even knew where to find certain water pokemon along the way. There were mutliple times along the journey when he asked Jack if he wanted to stop to catch a seaking here or a poliwhirl there. Jack declined every time although he eventually grew curious enough to ask the captain how he knew so much about the area.

    "I'm one of the few sea farers that the league hires to bring young ones, such as yourself, to the island. I've been trained ever since I got the job about each and every square inch of ocean that I travel through. So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you participating in the tournament?"

    "I guess I just want to train myself. My team's pretty strong, but there's always someone tougher out there so I figure that this is a good place to find that person." Jack replied.

    "So, if you win, what's your wish going to be?"

    Jack chuckled, "I don't know about wishes. Ever since I was little my father taught me that all I needed in the world was just the things that I needed, not wanted. I never had a game system growing up, or a televison. I knew what they were I just never had them. I grew up with only what I needed and it's taught me that I don't need everything that I see. In fact I would be more than happy to just have the prize money. I could probably buy all the TMs I would need as well as anything else I needed throughout my life if I invest it wisely. I guess I'm as content as I'll ever be."

    "Well that's good. We'll be arriving in less than an hour."

    As the boat continued on the sun continued to slowly sink behind the horizon and by the time they had gotten to their destination the sky was pitch black. Just like he had read online the harbor town was pretty bare. There was a pokecenter, a mart, a hotel, a radio tower, and a few scattered houses. Jack thanked his ride and walked into the town. There wasn't anyone around so Jack decided the best thing to do was to at least check into the hotel. He just hoped it wasn't too crowded or expensive.
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