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Beta 2 is coming out soon, just thought I'd show you guys some of the features/current bugs:

-New Tiles
-8 way movement (causes some event glitches, save often until it's fixed)
-Costume System (Available: Mint (No BS), May, Kris, Pikagirl (No BS), Yellow (Default))
-LP Currency (Obtained by talking to men xD)
-Honey Trees
-Animated Crystal Sprites (1-251)
-New Intro!
-Cameos (from PHO users and the anime)
-1 Fakémon Available :3

Current Catchable Pokémon:
-Hyerd (Ice/Dark)
-Hoppip (Grass/Flying)
-Skiploom (Grass/Flying)
-Jumpluff (Grass/Flying)
-Pidgey (Flying/Normal)
-Pidgeotto (Flying/Normal) RARE
-NidoranF (Poison)
-Nidorina (Poison) RARE
-Combee (Bug)
-Sentret (Normal)
-Furret (Normal)
-Shroomish (Poison/Grass)
-Finneon (Water)
-Lumineon (Water) RARE
-Magikarp (Water)
-Gyarados (Water/Flying)
-Growlithe (Fire)
-Wurmple (Bug)
-Silcoon (Bug)
-Cascoon (Bug)
-Beautifly (Bug/Flying) RARE
-Dustox (Bug/Poison) RARE
-Munchlax (Normal) RARE

-8 Way Movement can cause the game to freeze on certain player touch events
-Visual appeal when going through doors is lacking.
-Nothing else is game breaking, but you should still be aware there's some graphical flaws.
-Witch in Forest Entryway does not give you a "shiny" Shroomish as she is supposed to. You get a normal one -__-
-So far nothing else, hope there isn't anymore >.<

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