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    Name: Jade Jean Stone "Jj"
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Starter: Bonsley
    Team: Eevee, Eevee, Bonsley

    Species: Bonsley
    Gender: Female)
    Nickname: Bon Bon
    Level: 10
    Attacks: low kick, flail, fake tears, copy cat

    Species: Eevee
    Gender: female
    Nickname: Nana
    Level: 12
    Tail whip, tackle , helping hand, hidden power (tm)

    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Jojo
    Level: 11
    Tail whip, tackle, helping hand, Shadow ball (tm)

    Appearance: She is roughly 4' 8". She has long ebony hair that she keeps in two neat pigtails. Green eyes with long eyelashes which most consider a gift from god. She has a birthmark on her left hip bone in the shape of a hip. She got attacked by a pokemon when she was younger and she has a large scar on her hand.
    She usually dresses in a black collared shirt. She wears a green tie and poofy skirt. She always has leggings on under her skirt of course. She wears combat boots and black and green belt to hold her pokeballs for easy access. She always has finger less gloves on to cover her scar on her hand.

    History: Jj's parents are pokemon breeders. They breed pokemon and give the eggs too trainers who seem worthy. So from a young age she has always loved pokemon. When she was eight she got attacked by her mothers newly traded Ryhorn. The Ryhorn was Acquired for breeding purposes seeing as though they had a female one and needed a male one. But this Ryhorn didn't like people and was very aggressive. She was trying to feed it and when she stuck her hand in the food bowl to give the pokemon food he quickly let out a flame thrower burning her hand. After that the Ryhorn was isolated and her father was the only one who made contact with it. Jj developed a Phobia of ryhorn's rhydon's as well as Rhyperior. She freaks out when ever she see's them.
    As Jj got older her parents trusted her in helping them hatch eggs. she often was left in-charge of small pokemon. In fact the reason she aquired her two Eevee's was because her mothers prized vaporeon and her fathers prized flareon had mated and they produced theese two eggs. Jj was left to hatch them and when they hatched they were going to be given too two different trainers. But the two eevee's had a deep connection with each other and couldn't be seperated with out becoming extremly depressed. Also the two had some what bonded with Jj and taken on some of her personality qualities. So she kept them and the three of them became best friends.
    Personality: Jj is really cheerful, but not when she gets depressed which happens from time to time. When she is deppressed she distances herself from the people around her.When she feels challenged she will become very aggressive and impulsive this impulsivness often gets her into trouble. She is under no circumstance a sore loser when she loses she will often try to become stronger. When she's put down she will prove you prong. She's extremly stubborn and never gives up.
    Other: She is extremly cheerful.
    and she wants to eventually becoem a pokemon breeder.
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