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    So onward Aaron went. Captain Briney seemed like a really nice guy. He always smiled and told about Aaron about his life story. He was very humorous. The gentle breeze of the timid yet powerful sea, along with the rays of the jolly sun made a perfect day to be sailing. Even though the day couldn't have been better, Aaron was still anxious to be arrive at the Lethia region.

    Aaron was fast asleep when the Captain Briney said they had arrived. When Aaron opened his eyes, the jolly sun had been replaced by dark, gloomy clouds. The timid sea was getting a tad rowdy. Something was brewing, but Aaron didn't know what.

    Aaron tried to pay Captain Briney, but he wouldn't accept. He doesn't transport people for the money, only for the look of hopefulness. He then gave Aaron a piece of advice: Always strive towards your dreams. Afterwards, Aaron wished Captain Briney a safe journey and started to head into town.

    In the town Aaron was in, there was a Pokemon Center, a Pokemart, a hotel, a radio tower, and some houses that looked like they were built on unstable foundations. He hoped that the hotel was stable... and high class.
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