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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    This was a great re-read. Finally, a break from all those sad-things inside that cave. =/

    They really, really deserve a break right now, don't they? Well, that's more or less what part seven, which begins next chapter, is about; giving them all a relatively calm break between the darkness of part six and the developing war of part eight.

    Selene was full of lols on this chapter. xD
    Oddly enough, it is also probably the most serious treatment she's had in a chapter yet, despite the several funny moments.

    Wow, Lucius really liked Capella, huh?
    That's an eye-opener!
    Yes, he did. In fact, you'd be surprised how many pokémon on the team he likes to some extent.

    Part Seven: If Winter Comes, Can Spring be Far Behind?
    Chapter Forty-Three: Better to Have Loved and Lost?
    What do you want, N?” Black angrily asked when he got to the door. “And where are your pokémon?”
    My pokémon are not here,” N stated, “because I don't want to have another fight. Battles are cruel and unjust, and our previous battle was even more so. I have to talk to you, I don't want to fight you, so I thought it was wise to leave my pokémon at the city's edge.”
    And how d'you know,” Lucius growled, “we won't just kill you now that you're undefended and be done with Team Plasma?”
    Because you wouldn't do that to an unprotected man. And because Team Plasma wouldn't be done without me, they would just change their plans, much for the worse of everyone. Speaking of their plans: that's what I want to talk to you about.”
    Really?” Black asked. “You're going to tell me Team Plasma's plans? Why?”
    Because they involve you. Walk with me and let me tell you about how Unova came to be. The warring people of Unova were united under two heroes who were friends with a legendary dragon. The heroes ruled wisely for a number of years, but they were humans. Eventually their warlike nature became apparent and they fought a destructive war with each other. One foolish hero closed his mind to what could be and was content with what was, pursuing truth. The other hero realised things could be better and strove for a perfect, ideal world. Their war devastated Unova after the period of peace they had ironically begun. Of course, they died in the end and Unova had some limited peace again. Without the heroes' force of will keeping them in this world, the dragons went to sleep in two stones, a light one and a dark one. Each awaited to be reawoken by new a new hero once again pursuing truth or ideals. I am that hero and I will resurrect Zekrom to make my ideal world!”
    Black began laughing. Octa said: “Surely you must realise this is only a myth. Not the actual truth.”
    You've been with humans too long, Octa. You've adopted their narrow-minded attitude.”
    Narrow-minded?” Octa arched an eyebrow. “Is reason narrow-minded? Scepsis towards unproven hypotheses is not narrow-mindedness, but the entire foundation of knowledge. If one does not apply scepsis systematically, one's mind shall unavoidably be filled with nonsense, rubbish and superstition, for one can believe any non-contradictory claim made, regardless of whether or not there is any evidence supporting it. Scepsis, my good sir, is the foundation of reason and civilisation, therefore it does not surprise me to see Team Plasma's king so thoroughly lacking in it.”
    Boreas grinned at Octa's little speech. It was great to hear Octa put N down like that. It made Boreas realise how much he missed Octa's clever wit and especially his friendship. He decided he should soon apologise for how he had insulted him during their last meeting with N.
    N grimaced. “But I do have evidence that the myths are true. It's all a big equation, don't you see? But what's more important is Black's role in this.” He turned back to Black. “You don't want me to succeed, do you?”
    Of course I don't!” Black gestured angrily. “You want to separate humans and pokémon, breaking millions of friendships! Not only that, but your Team Plasma is doing utterly evil things to get to their goal. I would oppose you even if I agreed humans and pokémon should be separated.; your Team Plasma killed Capella and tried killing me and all my pokémon several times!”
    If you want to stop-”
    But Black wasn't done yet. “What right do you have to shove your opinion down everyone's throat anyway?! have no problem with you trying to convince people to release their pokémon, but forcing them to? What gives you that right?”
    N closed his eyes for a moment before responding. “Many different values mix, and the world becomes grey. That is unforgivable! I will separate pokémon and people, and black and white will be clearly distinct!”
    If you were really a hero, you would celebrate the world's differences, not seek to destroy them all!”
    Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see. When I resurrect Zekrom, I will conquer the Pokémon League and defeat the Champion in the final pokémon battle. Then, between my authority as Champion and Zekrom's power, everyone will release their pokémon. The normal trainers first, then the Gym Leaders and other powerful trainers too. Trainers like you, who really love their pokémon, will release them too, and that does break my heart a little. But it is for the greater good. There is one way, however, in which you can prevent this. Zekrom and I can only be stopped by an equal and opposite force: Reshiram and you.”
    Me?” Black asked in surprise.
    Yes, you. I have known it since Chargestone Cave: you are the other hero. I am right, therefore you will fail; but in the highly unlikely case that I'm wrong, Reshiram can stop me if you awaken it. Then you must defeat the Pokémon League after I do so and stop me. If you can win that battle, I will know I was wrong and stop my cause. But I won't lose the battle. You must search for the light stone. Team Plasma is searching for the dark stone that will resurrect Zekrom. Good luck and may the best win.”
    He began walking off when Boreas stopped him. “N, wait. I want to ask something... Uh... How's Aqua?”
    Physically she's alright, but you hurt her deeply mentally. She's very, very angry at you and very sad.”
    Oh... Tell her... Tell her I'm...” Suddenly he realised he was about to apologise to a traitor who was partially responsible for Capella's death. “Tell her nothing.”
    N shrugged and walked off. It was silent for a while as they thought over his words. “Completely bonkers,” Black mumbled. “But he has provided us with a way of stopping Team Plasma that's within our reach. It's probably a heap of nonsense, but we have to stop him! There will be time to go back to Nuvema later. Now we must find that light stone, and we must earn two more badges so we can challenge the League if N does. Are you with me?”
    All of them, one by one, nodded and told Black they would help him stop N. But something irked Boreas. “But what about the Sages? I doubt they'll give up so easily, even if N thinks they will...” But he also nodded, as he wanted to stop N too.
    Then I must go talk to Skyla. I'll tell her all this and she can tell the other Gym Leaders, particularly Lenora. If anyone knows whether there is any truth to this legend and where the light stone could be, it'll be her.”
    As Black walked back to the Gym, Boreas decided he might as well get to the tricky business. “Octa? I'm sorry for what I said to you in Chargestone Cave.”
    Octa sniffed haughtily and frowned. “Oh, are you? Well, evidently that solves everything.”
    Boreas was startled by Octa's sarcastic reaction, he had expected at least a bit of reciprocation. “Yeah. I- I didn't have myself under control. I was filled with more fury than I'd ever felt, and I couldn't help but lash it out. I shouldn't have, especially not to you. It's just... Capella had just died and then Aqua was with N... I wanted to take revenge, and you were wise enough to step in and I just couldn't help it...”
    Octa said nothing but just stared at him.
    Thanks for trying to save me from doing something really stupid... I wish you had succeeded in stopping me... You're a real friend for trying to stop me from ruining myself, and I'm so sorry for what I said to you...”
    Octa still said nothing. Boreas wondered if their friendship was really over this time, but he refused to believe that. He cringed as he remembered exactly what he had said to Octa. “I shouldn't have threatened you. I can understand if you find that unforgivable; you were trying to save me from my own idiocy and I threatened you for it... What's even worse, I think I would've made true on that threat if you had kept stopping me... I feel like such a bastard for it. Maybe I don't deserve your friendship.”
    Octa still said nothing, but Boreas could see cracks appear in his cold, stern exterior. “I'm so sorry for calling you haughty and arrogant, you aren't, not really. Just proud, and rightly so... I don't think you're an inbred twit at all, your family probably has inbred much less than others thanks to your extensive knowledge of your own family tree; and you are a very clever, wise person. Much wiser than me, that's for certain. I shouldn't have called you meddlesome: you were trying to protect me from my own stupidity and I should've realised it. Your ancestors aren't idiotic, if they gave rise to you they must've been great people. You were my best friend, and I want you to be that again because you are in incredibly good friend. I'm sorry for everything, Octa.”
    It was silent for a moment, then Octa grabbed him and hugged him tightly. “I forgive you, my dear fellow,” he whispered. “You're quite right, this is not worth it to give up a friendship like ours for. But please don't say things like that again.”

    Boreas awoke from another nightmare. 'Nightmare' was relative, of course, as most people probably wouldn't consider a dream that mostly consisted of kissing and having fun with a lovely girl a nightmare. But Boreas did; it reminded him of what he'd lost. Why? he asked himself furiously, why did she betray me? We could've had such a wonderful future together and she had to go and ruin it!
    Yeah, she shouldn't have done that. But what about you? If you hadn't reacted like you did and just remained calm you could still have had a wonderful future together. All it would've required was you saying “Aqua, I don't agree with your choice but I can respect it. Now kiss me, my love.” If you hadn't acted like such a git you could still have had that wonderful future together.
    With that disgusting traitor?
    See, that's what I meant. I called her a traitor, a *****, a filthy ****, and a treacherous heartbreaker and tried to freeze her to death. Face it, I'm at least as guilty as her for throwing any chance at that wonderful future away.
    That's not true! She joined Team Plasma, after all the things they'd done! They killed Capella, for a start.
    She didn't know about Capella's death, though. And besides, do you really think Capella would want you to throw away your love to avenge her? I don't know what exactly she would tell me to do if she were still alive, but it certainly wouldn't involve breaking up with Aqua, I'm sure of that.
    Even if she didn't know about Capella's death, that doesn't mean she isn't responsible. And what about all the other things Plasma did? She knew about them, she knew how much those bastards hurt me and yet she joined them!
    Yes, that was awful of her, joining them despite what they'd put me through. But she's right: it's her choice, bad though it may be, and I acted incredibly horrible to her over it. The things I said to her...
    She deserved them.
    Maybe, but not from me! I am ashamed to think of them. She's right, if I really loved her I should've supported her and forgiven her. She trusted me to do that, and I betrayed that trust. Remember that night I spent at her burrow at the river? She may seem intelligent, self-assured, sexy, flirtatious, charming, cool, and so much more; and actually is most of those things, but she's surprisingly fragile underneath. She's like a tough wooden cabinet full of lovely delicate crystal glasses... And I took a mallet and smashed the glasses up using the key to her heart she'd entrusted me with... I filled the void in her heart, but then I cruelly left her heart empty again, and now she only has that bastard Diego to fill it with... She was clearly lying when she said she was his mate, but what if she really does hook up with him now? That would be horrible.
    Let them rot together, the miserable gits. I don't know why I'm having these thoughts in the first place. Octa always tells me to listen to my mind, not my heart, and this time I'm going to do just that.
    Don't flatter yourself into thinking this is a matter of your mind against your heart, both of these different lines of thought spring from both reason emotions. And of course, the heart isn't involved; it's just a pump that pushes my blood through my body. Both you and me are various areas of the brain, the same areas for the most part; only one of the other organs has a major impact on these thoughts. With a few rare exceptions, we're actually made by the same body parts.
    Yes, I know that. Obviously I know that, because I'm arguing with myself here. That means I know everything you know... I think I'm going nuts, talking to myself like this.
    It's a better kind of insanity than the kind that makes you insult the girl you adore and try to kill her...
    I was not being insane! How could I just forgive her after all she did?
    Remember what Octa said. Think about how much I love her. Is it really worth throwing that away?
    What would I have me do, then? Apologise to her? Even if for some reason I did that, she would never forgive me.
    Probably not. I've given her good cause to hate me forever. But it's worth a try if there's even the slightest chance of getting back together.
    I don't want to get back together with that traitor!
    Yes, I do. I love her, regardless of which side she joined. The time we were together in Driftveil was the happiest of my entire life. It's really sad that two people who are so perfect for each other have been forced apart by circumstances...
    Circumstances she caused! She betrayed me to my worst enemies and I want nothing to do with her.
    So that's it, then? I'm going to be unhappy and miserable for the rest of my life because I can't even apologise for being so horrid to Aqua.
    I won't be unhappy for the rest of my life, because I will just get over it. I was with her for ten days, that's all. It was nothing.
    That's rubbish. I am head over heels in love with her. It was not nothing.
    I can go back to the way I was before meeting her! I was perfectly happy without her, I can be so again!
    I didn't know what life with her was like before... I couldn't go without her now, having tasted of life with her.
    I wish I'd never met her... If only I'd just stayed on the boat when I saw her. What kind of prat was I anyway, jumping off the boat just because I saw a pretty girl? I could've drowned. And that would've been a blessing compared to this.
    So now I'm wishing I'd died. Just great. Things really have gone downhill fast since leaving Driftveil. If only I'd stayed with Aqua there...
    If only humans wouldn't hunt wild pokémon... And if Team Plasma didn't exist.... We could've been so happy together...
    But it's too late for that now. What happened happened, I can't change that. Only the future.
    But I can't forgive her for joining Team Plasma. They've put me through too much.
    I must try... And I must apologise to her, even if she doesn't accept it. The way I acted was disgusting...

    Toxica lay awake too. She was lying on the ground, her regrowing flower folded for the night, but with her eyes open watching Octa sleep. Her eyes, well-adapted to see in the dark, traced his slender, serpentine form, watched his chest slowly move with his breath, and settled on his handsome face. She sighed at how attractive he was. Intelligent, charming, handsome, noble, charismatic, kind, and proper. She had been in love with him for almost a year now, ever since he'd evolved to a Servine. When she was an Oddish, he'd been her absolute hero. She had almost worshipped him, believing him perfect and amazing, and had been so embarrassingly obvious and in his face about it all in hindsight. She occasionally cringed with shame at how she had acted to him back then; it was no wonder he had never responded to her advances and Boreas was always so annoyed at her.
    Evolving to a Vileplume had shifted her perspective by a surprising amount. Her obsessive, hero-worshippy crush had developed into a more mature love for him, and she had decided to give him more space and not hound him so much. Yet here I am, watching him sleep like some kind of creepy stalker, she couldn't help thinking.
    Then, of course, Capella died and she was far too busy grieving for her friend to continue her advances towards Octa. In fact she still felt a powerful blast of sadness whenever she thought of poor Capella. Her death had devastated Toxica, and how could it not? She was always so friendly and kind and wise and always ready with help... The past weeks had been horrid, the only long period in her life when she hadn't been cheerful most of the time. She had never before had much trouble with being cheerful; she could never stop noticing how amazing and fun the world was. But Capella's death had knocked that out of her, and for a while the world had seemed like a sad, grey place full of death. But as she slowly got over Capella's death her old cheerful demeanour was slowly beginning to return to her.
    Octa softly mumbled in his sleep, and Toxica giggled like a little seedling at how incredibly sexy that was. When she was an Oddish she had on occasion kissed Octa's cheek while he slept, but now she held herself back from doing that, recognising it was a pretty creepy thing to do. Remembering all the things she did as an Oddish, she really had to wonder about her sanity back then. Who knew a simple Leaf Stone could change so much? It made her wonder what she would've been like as a Gloom, and she felt some regret at having been a Gloom for barely half a minute before evolving on. Not too much, though, she liked being a Vileplume now, but if she could do it over she would probably have to a Gloom a week before taking the Leaf Stone so she could at least have experienced it for a few days.
    She realised she was never going to get any sleep watching Octa, so she tore her gaze away from him and rolled onto her back. A sky full of stars was above her. Octa had explained the stars were really balls of hydrogen and helium undergoing nuclear fusion quadrillions of kilometres away. She looked at a pretty, bright yellow star in one of the points of a pentagon of stars. Capella had once told her she'd been named after that star, and Toxica found it strangely liberating to look at it as she fell asleep.
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