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    Originally Posted by xdanx View Post
    I really don't like the maps, everthing is just too close. Maps need to have space for you to make your way, making them so lineal also causes the game to be boring and quite annoying.
    There is enough space in every map, obviously you can't see what I can see within RPGMaker itself, but there is enough space everywhere... I like a little realism, trees, bushes, rocks etc. etc.

    Originally Posted by pancakeonmyhead View Post
    I absolutely love this concept. I love that there's choice,
    and that you can see some Pokemon roaming around.
    Love the tiles, love the sprite.
    There is lot's of choice. Thank you by the way. There are many Pokémon roaming and some Pokémon are only available through roaming (i'm not talking about legendaries.)

    Originally Posted by Xavier_PokeNation View Post
    I like the tileset you are doing/collecting, I think I'll do the same. :p
    But my game is 200% zoomed so I don't know if they will still look nice :(
    I believe someone actually said for me to zoom my game in, so I can say, some people will like that look.

    Only a minor update of the Mystery Ball.

    There is 6 different Mystery Balls each doing their own little thing...

    1.) Gives you Evolution Stones [Picture is showing example.](Fire, Water, Thunder, Leaf and Moon, Stones.) $3250

    2.) Offensive Stat boosts (Attack, Special Attack, Speed.) $3250

    3.) Defensive Stat boosts (Defence, Special Defence, HP.) $3250

    4.) Items (Potion, Super Potion, Revive, Hyper Potion, Full Restore.) $1250

    5.) Happiness (Increases Immediately to 240 of 1 Pokémon.) $1000

    6.) Random Pokémon (Excluding Legendaries.) $5500

    Stat Boosts vary from +1 to +4 on respective stats.
    Evolution Stones give you a random amount from +1 to +2.
    Items will give random amounts from +1 to +5.
    Happiness is, max =240, min =240.
    Random Pokémon ignores legendaries and valuable Pokémon, I.E. Dratini (plus more.)