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Gladius Clipeum

"You...!" Berserker shouted, his eyes suddenly firing up with internal anger. He probably remembered Gladius from the torturehouse fiasco, and the embarrassment he and Vigil caused him. "I remember you! You won't get away this time.!" Berserker rushed towards them. Gladius noted that the Aggron seemingly had higher speed, than before.

"Sword and Shield I have a..." Defender started to say, however, Gladius saw Berserker jumped and landed with such impact that the ground beside him cracked. Gladius staggered on his place, while Defender was pushed to the ground. This Earthquake is stronger than mine.

"Defender, are you alright?" Gladius shouted. He had no opportunity to look at Defender because Berserker fired off a Flash Cannon. Gladius knew how to dodge it, he saw how Vigil did it. He jumped from the side. However, like the instance in outside the torturehouse, Defender was hit, full-blast. He saw Defender pushed back into the wall, with a sickening crunch. "Defender!" Defender stood up and winced in pain. Something is wrong. Defender shot the Water Pulse, but using only hand.

"Now, you anger me," Gladius said. He charged up his Wild Charge. He rushed through Berserker, roaring in anger.

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