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    Upon Shadoan's entry into the hotel, the lobby was PACKED! Few trainers were signing in for rooms while others were all about the lobby. Trading pokemon, swapping information and forming teams for the contest. On the far right of the lobby, a massive table containing all the glorious food a person could want. Baked and fried meats, tossed build-it-yourself salad, fondue, several types of rolls ranging from honey to average, if it existed in their world, it was on the table to consume. There was even a large room containing all brands of pokemon food from apples and fruits, to the homade bits and pokeblocks, pokecandy, poffins and so on. Few trainers were in this room, eating with their teams. The table was setup by the league for the trainers to eat their fill before competing tomorrow so each of them could at least start on a full stomach before tackling the environments in the region.

    The last item within the hotel to note was the Vendors hall. A hallway with various merchants that sold Pokeballs of all sorts, medicine both practical and homemade, transfer tags, physical maps of each region and where to find what pokemon and various other gadgets. They even sold badges from past tournaments as souvenirs while they also sold the current badge components at a large steep price per piece.

    Shadoan's eyes were widen as he slowly made his way to the desk, he didn't know the league had so much to offer on the first day within the Lethia region. "Why do they even call it the Lethia Region?" Shadoan asks the clerk as she was setting up his room. "There use to be a pokemon here named Grimore, a massive pokemon about the size of this island, a real leviathan. It use to be said that it could spark life out of nothing and granted blessings. Few use to believe that its under the island, constantly moving the whole region. Though its just an old myth, it use to draw few trainers here to scope through the island for it." "I see......" He took his room key and decided to browse the floor a bit to explore, look for any information about the island.
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