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Jay was resting in he's room...while that, the key was stolen! ''Oh, can I open the door now?!'' And then Jay has seen someone running, so Jay are following the strange man. ''Raichu! Use Thunder in that guy...!'' Raichu hits the strange man and the strange man was an explorer of Lethia looking for a Pokemon named Grimore.

''But why did you stolen my key? What does a KEY help you in an adventure?'' Jay said. But then the strange man say:

''My name's Kai. And why does the key intereste stole your Pokemon!'' Kai has running in the way of Jay's room and Jay was follow Kai until the end. Kai has open Jay's room but the only Pokemon who was here it's Swellow, swellow was resting in the room, Kai has picked Swellow.

Kai has found the exit for the hotel and he leaves...''I am a bad trainer...NO! I'l not let him get away with Swellow! Jay has followed Kai then a strange Pokemon that Jay has never seen before attacked Kai, and then he throw up Swellow's Pokeball to Jay. ''I will come back! Don't forget that!'' Kai said that he was from an evil organization,but Jay didn't know the name of that evil organization...and then the strange Pokemon fled! Kai drop Jay's key. Jay has picked up the Key.

Jay finally arrives to the hotel. '''s really cold! ...could that Pokemon be Grimore? If it is...thanks a whole bunch...!''

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