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    Okay, I have to finish my SU later but here it is so far.

    Name: Benjamin Livingston

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Starter: Ponyta


    Species: Ponyta

    Gender: Female

    Nickname: Dash

    Level: 10

    Attacks: Ember, Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, and Sunny Day

    Species: Sandshrew

    Gender: Male

    Nickname: Leo

    Level: 12

    Attacks: Cut, Dig, Rock Smash, Earthquake, and Sand Attack

    Ben has short black hair. His hair is extremely short and he is nearly bald. He usually wears a backwards Hoenn cap all the time. His eyes are light blue, but they seem to get darker or brighter depending on his mood . He has fairly tan skin. Ben is 4”10’ and weighs around 80 lbs. He is extremely small for his size. He has a dark complexion and always has bags under his eyes, even if he had a good sleep.
    His older brother bought him brand new clothes to bring to the region. He wears white sneakers , and long black socks. He likes to wear baggy blue sweatpants, and a red hoodie. He carries around a black backpack. On his waist is a belt for attaching pokeballs to. He has really bad teeth and doesn’t like to smile.

    Ben may never seem happy, but he is most of the time. He is very self-conscious about a lot of things. His biggest thing is his horrible teeth. Ben used to have braces, but he pulled them out of his mouth because he couldn’t bare the pain. He gets easily bored with most things, and he is very impatient. When he battles, his main strategy is all out attack (similar to Misty.) However, he knows how to strategize, and he can do it very well.


    Ben was born in Johto in Goldenrod City. His family was extremely poor and unfortunately had to give him away. He was adopted by a rich family that lived in Kanto. They were the Livingstons. Mr.Livingston owned a huge company that produced TMs, while Mrs.Livingston stayed home and cared for Ben and his older brother Jason. Jason was much older than Ben, around ten years older actually. Jason didnt go on his journey when he turned ten because he wanted to get to know his new younger brother. They were instantly best friends, and they were inseperable. Jason went on his journey the next year and Ben grew up lonely. When Ben was seven his father returned from work with a peculiar sandshrew. They were testing out a new TM on the little pokemon, and there was an odd malfunction in the TM effect. The TM made the sandshrew's personality completely change. It became much more aggresive and it gained an extreme amount of power. However, when it was fed a berry, it calmed down and became a lovable and adorable pokemon.

    That night, Ben stole a bunch of berries from the kitchen, and befriended the sandshrew. They became best friends. When Mr.Livingston saw the bond that they shared, he let Ben keep the sandshrew. Ben and his sandshrew trained hard. They desperately wanted to start thier journey and travel around Kanto. By the time Ben turned ten, he was ready to begin his journey. He was just about to leave his house, but his parents called him back inside. They wanted him to go to a special pokemon trainer private school with Leo (his sandshrew.) He refused to go but they forced him. He wwent to the school for four long and grueling years. He learned alot, and so did Leo. They were ready to go on thier journey. Right after they graduated from the school, they got a letter to Zivito. They were thrilled to go to a brand new region and explore new places.

    Other: His favorite drink is Diet Dr.Pepper.
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