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Eternity City

Beserker was impressed with the damage he had caused in the area with his last attack. Smoke filled the air, and no Pokemon stood within a few feet of him, either dead or knocked back by his immense strength. However, as he grinned, a Water Pulse hit him square in the back, making him stumble for a moment. The Aggron turned to see who shot the attack, and saw the Golduck Gold Tribe member still up. He growled, and ran at him, only to be hit by another Water Pulse attack. Beserker faltered briefly once more. Very few Pokemon were able to hold him off this successfully. He confirmed in his mind that the Gold Tribe's reputation preceded them.

"You'll regret that." Beserker said, charging for the Golduck, only to be his once more, this time with a large piece of rubble summoned by a Confusion. The piece of rubble landed right on his head, causing him to trip forward, and land on his face. It was momentary, though, and the Sentinel stood back up on his feet, and charged, fuming.

"Now, you anger me," He heard the Snorlax Gold Tribe member, who stood close to the Golduck say. Roaring, the Snorlax charged forward to meet the Aggron, who used his own Giga Impact to meet with the Snorlax's Wild Charge. The two collided for a moment, but the Sentinel's strength could not be denied, and after much grit, Beserker roared himself, and attempted to send the Snorlax back. Without seeing if the desired result had occurred, Beserker positioned himself at the Golduck now, and attempted to ram right into him with another Giga Impact.


Zane used an Iron Head to ram straight through a group of incoming Ancients in the path to the rebel group. He didn't bother delivering the finishing blows to them, and left them for other Alpha Alliance soldiers to finish them off. An Aerodactyl swooped in from above, and targeted Zane, who didn't realize until Speculum shouted from behind.

"Vigil! Above you!" he shouted. Zane looked up quickly, and managed to narrowly avoid a deadly Fly attack from the Pokemon. The attack, however, still hit its mark, and Zane was sent back a few feet. Thankfully, because he prepared ahead of time, the blow was cushioned. Seeing the Aerodactyl come in for a second time, Zane prepared for the opportune moment, and jumped right on his back when he was close enough. He slashed at his exposed neck, and guided the Pokemon crashing into the ground below. Zane landed rigidly on one knee, and proceeded once more to the rebel location, following the trail of smoke to get there.

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