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As explosions were heard from above the surface, Hanso heard Vigil say, "This is it, brothers. If the worst shall come to pass, it has been my honor fighting with you. Fight well, or die well. For the Alpha Alliance, and Valkaria."

Seconds later, the surface broke open, and light shone through.


Hanso charged out alongside the others, then turned and engaged two surprised Omastar and an Armaldo, slashing them with Leaf Blade. The Armaldo quickly recovered and slashed at Hanso with its claws, only to find empty air and recoil as Hanso struck with another Leaf Blade. One of the Omastar recovered from his surprise and curled up to roll at the Gallade, while the other charged up an Ice Beam and fired. Hanso jumped to one side to avoid the first Omastar's Rollout, then crossed his arm-blades to deflect part of the Ice Beam that shoved him back a couple feet. Sensing something behind and to the left, Hanso teleported to his right, avoiding the Crush Claw that the Armaldo was bringing down. It smashed into the ground, leaving the Ancient open for Hanso to throw a Psycho Cut up into the face, sending the Armaldo reeling from the critical strike.

Hanso sensed the first Omastar before it rolled into him at high speed, pushing him to the side and onto the ground. Hanso lied on the ground before he could breathe again, then jumped back up to face the Ancients again. The second Omastar sent spikes flying at him, while the first was coming around for another roll. The Armaldo had been set upon by Alpha Alliance soldiers who had jumped him while he was dazed. Hanso dodged and deflected the oncoming Spike Cannon, then jumped up and over the rolling Omastar as it approached. The Gallade created some illusionary copies of himself in a line, then charged with them at the second Omastar, who curled up into a Protect. The fake Gallades threw themselves at it and disappeared; as the Omastar uncurled after supposedly repelling them, Hanso brought a Leaf Blade down hard onto a crack he'd seen in the shell. The Omastar shrieked in pain before collapsing.

Hanso turned to face the rolling Omastar, who had just run over a few soldiers while turning again. His arm-blades glowed with Leaf Blades as he ran forward and jumped again, slashing at the Omastar as he passed over. Without turning to see the result, Hanso turned his attention to the surrounding field. No sign of the other Gold Tribe warriors; they were separated by the battle. The Gallade then turned and faced a Rampardos and Kabutops who charged him together.

The Rampardos attempted to Take Down Hanso, while the Kabutops enveloped itself with water and sped forward at him. Hanso sidestepped the Aqua Jet and met the Rampardos with a Night Slash, pushing each other back a few paces. Hanso created another double of himself to distract the Kabutops before charging the Rampardos, his armblades glowing with Night Slash. The Rampardos roared, creating a silver ball of AncientPower and firing it at Hanso, who slashed through with one blade and brought the other up into the Rampardos' chin. While it backed away in pain for a few seconds, Hanso took a few precious moments to mentally analyze himself. Charging through that energy had done some damage, mostly to his front and left arm.

Hanso turned his attention back to the Rampardos, who was now coming at him with head down in front. He vaulted over it, sending the Ancient charging into the Kabutops, who had just slashed through Hanso's illusionary double. Hanso took the moment to send a ball of white energy into the air, envisioning that it would hit the Kabutops. His armblades then glowed green as he turned to engage the two Ancients again. The Rampardos was on the ground where it had crashed; the Kabutops was coming at him with slashing scythes. Hanso met the slashes with his own blades, engaging the Kabutops for a few seconds before pivoting and striking it in the side under the arm. The Rampardos had just picked himself up and was now turning to face Hanso again. As the Kabutops recovered, Hanso's Future Sight appeared from the sky and brought it back down again.

As the Rampardos began charging again, a shriek brought Hanso's attention to the sky, where an Aerodactyl was Flying down at him. He teleported to one side moments before the Ancient would have struck, then quickly jumped up to land on the Aerodactyl's back, leaving the Rampardos to deal with empty air. Hanso pulled himself into a sitting position as the Aerodactyl struggled to fly back up with the extra weight of a passenger. The Gallade invaded its mind with his own; it took several seconds before the mental battle was over and Hanso could direct the Ancient to a glide above the battlefield.

The battle seemed to be equal, more or less, between the Alpha Alliance and the Ancients. Hanso could see, though, that the soldiers were not all united together, instead slowly breaking up. Plus, by now the Ancients were not so surprised and were fighting back now. A disturbance drew Hanso's attention to one side. He shook his head.

As predicted in the war meeting, the three Sentinels had arrived.

Hanso let go of the Aerodactyl's mind, encouraging it to immediately try and rid itself of its passenger. While doing so, the Aerodactyl flew closer to the ground. Hanso stood up and jumped off, falling down onto an unsuspecting Cradily. He struck the black area surrounding its eyes, sending it into a shriek of pain as he jumped down onto the ground, rolling to a stop. By now, his body was beginning to ache in several places, despite Hanso's deliberate ignorance of it.

While turning to view the battle again, Hanso spotted a flash of moving red. It was the Flareon, Ignitus, though she didn't seem to be actively engaging anyone. "Oy, over here, you lazy lump o' fur!" Hanso shouted, sending a crescent Psycho Cut flying at her. If only soldiers faced the Sentinel, then they would be fried.