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    Gladius Clipeum

    Berserker met Gladius with a Giga Impact. Their collision was so intense, the ground beside them cracked. Berserker was, no doubt, a real brute. But, so is Gadius. For a second, both behemoths were locked in a stalemate, none of them could make the final push. Berserker gritted his teeth now, his hands on the palms of Snorlax. The Wild Charge and Giga Impact have died down, and both were simply relying on their raw force. Berserker roared and, gathering his strength, pushed Gladius backed, freeing himself. A Kabutops held Snorlax by the neck. It tried to slice through the Gold Tribe's members throat, but was immediately thrown back when Gladius elbowed him. Gladius then relased a flurry of strong punches, knocking the Kabutops down. Gladius glanced at Berserker again, seeing how he rushed to the injured Defender with another Giga Impact. If we were on the same side, I would have been impressed. A Giga Impact after another.

    "No!" Gladius ran towards the Berserker, but he knew he would not reach him in time. Not enough speed. Gladius gritted his teeth, and prepared a Smack Down, hoping he would reach the Berserker in time. "Defender! Live up to your name and defend yourself!"

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