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    Penance Malum

    Right after he had sent the rubble at Beserker Penance felt considerably tired. He hunched over breathing heavily and took the time to rub his bracelet, "Come on. I need some help right now." Looking up Penance saw that Sword and Shield was face to face with Beserker and both were attempting to push back the other.

    Sweat dripped down the Golduck's face as he placed his hand to his head and began to concentrate. Penance was a pokmon of honor and so when he sought out Vigil's mind with his psychic powers he didn't attempt to push inside. Back in the academy Penance had learned the unique art of communicating with his psychic powers. He wasn't a pure psychic so he couldn't perform the act over great distances but with all the fighting still on the first level of the city Penance hoped that Vigil was in range of his powers, and he was right. He layed just a simple message, "Vigil! Sword and Shield and I are fighting Beserker. Need help! Will signal you somehow!"

    Just sending those few words alone caused the Golduck's head to reel and for a bried moment as he thought he was going to throw up. Instead he looked up and saw Beserker starting to charge at him with a Giga Impact. Penance had never fought someone so strong before. He had fought Ignitus back at the prison but he had a major type advantage over her attacks. Penance had no such luxury against Beserker. As he watched the Sentinel come at him Penance felt his body freeze. This was it. If this attack hit him he would be out of the battle, it may even well kill him.

    "Defender! Live up to your name and defend yourself!" Defender heard Sword and Shield's voice loud and clear and it snapped him out of his daze. Beserker was about to slam into Penance when the Golduck used all of his strength to leap out of the way. Penance rolled along the ground and came to a stop lying on his back. Pain flared up in his injured arm but the Golduck still managed to get up. Looking around Penance spotted some rubble. Stretching out his hand he grabbed it with a Confusion and flung it up into the air as high as he could and began to spin it in mid-air. Come on Vigil, see the signal, Penance thought desperately. I can only hold it up for so long.